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CN-1445286-A: 含银胶质的母炼胶及生产方法 patent, CN-1445884-A: Helical antenna and communication equipment patent, CN-1445940-A: Method for transmitting data in billibit Enthenet passive optical fiber network patent, CN-1447251-A: 双控电脑 patent, CN-1447336-A: Reduced multiport register unit patent, CN-1447402-A: Method of annealing electroplate metals patent, CN-1447548-A: Mobile communicating system patent, CN-1447632-A: organic electroluminescent displaying panel and its mfg. method patent, CN-1447684-A: Stable gabapentin having PH within controlled range patent, CN-1447843-A: 官能化的苝四羧酸二酰亚胺 patent, CN-1448291-A: Automotive side sill reinforcement structure patent, CN-1448455-A: 用于粘着物体的方法和装置 patent, CN-1448722-A: Analyte concentration determination meters and methods of using the same patent, CN-1449039-A: Semi-conductor integrated circuit equipment patent, CN-1449452-A: High purity niobium and products containing the same, and methods of making the same patent, CN-1449684-A: Process for preparing compound plant nutrient powder patent, CN-1450256-A: Rack link-lever opposed piston type vertical cylinder reprocative two-stroke internal combustion engine patent, CN-1450260-A: 高压喷油水的气化辅助装置 patent, CN-1450752-A: Method for realizing multicast business based on universal land radio insertion network interface patent, CN-1451574-A: 液压助力制动系统 patent, CN-1451745-A: Natto kinase produced using Bacillus subtilis, and producing method and use thereof patent, CN-1452210-A: Deflecting coil patent, CN-1452503-A: 过滤面罩 patent, CN-1452907-A: Fish-ham sausage with fish cubes and its making process patent, CN-1453128-A: Floor covering material using phenolic composite resin patent, CN-1453576-A: 工业分析仪试样保温干燥方法及装置 patent, CN-1455219-A: 储水换能器及其用途 patent, CN-1455268-A: Satellite locating error processing method based on map matching patent, CN-1455973-A: Low profile small antenna and construction method thereof patent, CN-1457136-A: Low-loss DC/DC booster circuit patent, CN-1457166-A: 加密/解密系统和加密/解密方法 patent, CN-1457360-A: Lavatory freshening and/or cleaning system and method patent, CN-1457609-A: Contour filter formimage sensor output signals patent, CN-1459601-A: 三面排风式空调器 patent, CN-1461132-A: 即时通信系统中电子邮件处理方法和系统 patent, CN-1461155-A: Housing estate selecting system and method for radio communication network patent, CN-1462001-A: 一种防止数据交易系统数据丢失的安全存储设备及方法 patent, CN-1463151-A: 按照信道状态执行自适应均衡的正交频分复用均衡器 patent, CN-1463790-A: 纳米级二氧化钛光催化净化环境材料的制备方法及设备 patent, CN-1464404-A: Hand disk encryption method and apparatus patent, CN-1464715-A: Address allocation and service method based on multi-internet service provider patent, CN-1465521-A: 利用咖啡豆渣制造活性碳的方法 patent, CN-1465637-A: Four-proof resin emulsion paint surface layer patent, CN-1466218-A: RAM made of carbon nano tube and preparation method thereof patent, CN-1466422-A: 抗微生物剂 patent, CN-1466509-A: Method for the production of at least one body and a pourable mixture for use in such a method patent, CN-1467437-A: 微波炉的转盘电机安装结构 patent, CN-1467457-A: Integrated solar water heater patent, CN-1467907-A: 逆变器及转换器停滞时间适应性补偿的方法及装置 patent, CN-1469110-A: Surface press distribution sensor and producing method thereof patent, CN-1469306-A: 文件运送装置 patent, CN-1470707-A: Non-woven reinforced pressure-sensitive earthworking grillage patent, CN-1470791-A: Integrated valve with position detection mechanism patent, CN-1471045-A: 图像印刷装置及其印刷控制方法 patent, CN-1471124-A: 等离子显示板及其制造方法 patent, CN-1471211-A: Power source starting apparatus patent, CN-1472049-A: 电动剃须刀 patent, CN-1472124-A: 玻璃基板输送箱 patent, CN-1472647-A: 不需退出和重新进入即可改变gui程序的语言的方法 patent, CN-1473425-A: Method for transfer of fax data by means of packet transmission network patent, CN-1473698-A: Double formwork quick injection molding machine patent, CN-1474182-A: Sensor for detecting gas and its producing method patent, CN-1474708-A: Permanent magnet keeper-shield assembly patent, CN-1475741-A: 电冰箱的内部构造 patent, CN-1475946-A: 人事资料整合系统以及方法 patent, CN-1476024-A: Superconductive device, superconductive magnetic suspension apparatus and superconductive magnetic beraing patent, CN-1476124-A: 能够提供双频服务的多层平板天线 patent, CN-1477278-A: Multifunctional water-proofing heat-insulating plate patent, CN-1477297-A: 复合循环电站的冷却空气系统和操作该电站的方法 patent, CN-1477986-A: 用于水平救生索的终端装置 patent, CN-1478783-A: Inositol polyphosphate ester derivative and its using method patent, CN-1479153-A: 图像显示介质及图像写入装置 patent, CN-1479504-A: 建立网络电话连线的方法 patent, CN-1479817-A: Device for recovering weft end patent, CN-1480089-A: Electrical rice cooker patent, CN-1480173-A: 一种治疗妇科疾病的中药及其制备方法 patent, CN-1480283-A: 一种具有补偿能力的hsk刀柄 patent, CN-1480460-A: Method for preparing N-phosphine carboxymerhyl-glycin patent, CN-1480693-A: Central hot air heating stove patent, CN-1480914-A: 电光装置及其制造方法和电子装置 patent, CN-1481264-A: Medicament-loaded transdermal reservoir and method for its formation patent, CN-1482958-A: Methods for making reinforced wafer polshing pads and apparatuses implementing the same patent, CN-1484211-A: Multi-picture moveable advertisement board patent, CN-1484838-A: 具有法拉第屏蔽以及埋在衬底中的电介质阱的高q电感 patent, CN-1484946-A: 一种适用于滩涂贝类苗种后期中间育成方法 patent, CN-1485155-A: 高速线材轧机生产螺纹钢的轧辊直径配置方法 patent, CN-1486094-A: 用于采用负载均衡的移动通信的方法和装置 patent, CN-1486886-A: Station-charging trollybus system patent, CN-1487063-A: Lubricating grease composition and bearing enclosed with the same lubricating grease composition patent, CN-1487310-A: 光学材料、光学元件、光学系统、层叠型衍射光学元件 patent, CN-1487935-A: Medicinal compositions improved in solubility in water patent, CN-1488366-A: Chinese medicine for treating hypotension and preparing method thereof patent, CN-1488434-A: Silicon-containing alumina supporter and preparing method thereof patent, CN-1489973-A: 生命信息获取设备 patent, CN-1490275-A: Cement material for concrete patent, CN-1490381-A: Device for producing gasoline and diesel from waste plastics patent, CN-1491014-A: 使用媒体网关控制协议实现用户自定义录音的方法 patent, CN-1491370-A: 液晶显示元件和其中所用相位差膜的使用 patent, US-2088-A: Wind-chest or bellows-box attached to hearths or patent, CN-1491671-A: Medicinal composition for treating liver cancer and pancreatic cancer and its preparing method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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